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Preparing for Valentine's Day or Dragobete - the perfect gift!

I'm preparing for Valentine's Day (14 February) and for Dragobete (24 February).
Dragobete is a traditional Romanian holiday of love, originating from Dacian times.

For both of them I crocheted some ideas of perfect gifts.

1. A red bag, a red crocheted tote, a perfect gift for those holidays . To make it I used yarn 100% of wool, silk material for yo-yo, a neutral button. 

I made two. One will go to my sister, as a gift, and the other one will go to my etsy shop for sell:

Find the pattern here

And my free video with how to make a yo-yo (the circle, the flower and the heart) will be post soon on this blog.

2. Three ornaments, three pot holders, telling a story.  

Prepare for a romantic dinner with those beautiful pot holders.

Those rustic pot holders could be personalized as well. Attached tags with the story on each pot holder, attach pictures on each pot holder to be more suggestive...and have the perfect gift!

Find the suggestive story here (full version).

First pot holder has two different faces, could be or not... and is empty inside.

The second one has two faces, too, but there are the same. Inside is a red heart.  The love become mature and already learn about the truly face...

And finally the heart...

3. A simple red heart pot holder could be a perfect gift...romantic! Some cups of tea...the red heart!

Free pattern for this red heart!
I used acrylic yarn.
Finished dimensions: about 25 cm.
First of all, you have to crochet a square as follows: 
The foundation:
25 ch+1 for turning.
1 sc in each ch (25 sc).
R1: 2 ch, 1 dc in first sc, 1 dc in next sc (25dc). Turn. 
R2: 1 ch, 1 half dc in first dc, 1 half dc in next dc (25 half dc). Turn. 
R3: 1 ch, 1 sc worked in front of each half dc from previous round (25 sc). Turn. 
Repeat R 1,2,3 that compose the model. Repeat them until the model form a square. Do not cut the yarn.
For complete the heart model**:
A. - Continue to work next row 5 ch, sc in 5th stitch (repeat until the end of the row). 5 ch space. Turn.
B. - 5 dc in first ch space, *sl st in next sc, 5 dc in next ch space; repeat from * until the end of the row and finished with sl st in first ch from previous round. Turn.
C. - 1 ch, sl st in top of the next 3 dc from previous round, *5 ch, sc in 3rd dc from previous round of next ch space; repeat from * until the end (4 ch space). Turn.
D. - 5 dc in first ch space, *sl st in next sc, 5 dc in next ch space; repeat from * until the end of the row and finished with sl st in first ch from previous round. Turn.
Next Repeat C. (result 3 ch space).
Next repeat D. 
Make picots on last row: *3 sc in each next 3 stitches, 3 ch, 1 sc in 3rd ch from the hook, 1 sc in the same stitch; repeat from * until the end of the row and continue to make the picots down, on previous rows, for the next 2 shells.
**Work the same for the other next side. Except that for the row with picots continues to crochet them to all sides (the hurt to be surround it by picots).

I hope you enjoyed!
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