Saturday, 11 January 2014

A story crocheted for Valentine's Day and Dragobete

This is a crocheted circle of love, a perfect gift for Valentine's Day! This is a story!
Could be mine or yours. Could be a true one or not. Maybe it is suitable for you or maybe it is not. Maybe it inspire you. I do not care!

It's important that you think about it even for one second, one minute, one hour...after you read it.

Those beautiful pot holder really tell a love story! For sure!
Let's find out!

Prepare for a romantic dinner with those beautiful pot holders.

Those rustic pot holders could be personalized as well. Attached tags with the story on each pot holder, attach pictures on each pot holder to be more suggestive...and have the perfect gift!

First pot holder has two different faces, could be or not... and is empty inside. You can check if it is empty by looking on the horizon through it. (I checked. I don't know what to expect...)
A shy love seems to appear from nowhere. You can see only the silhouette of love. As I said...could be or not. 

The second one has two faces, too, but there are the same. Inside is a red heart.  The love become mature and already learn about the truly face..You can check if it has a red heart by looking on the horizon through it. (I checked. I don't know what to expect...)
Love grows up in something like a cocoon. We are pretty sure that is love...but we don't talk about it yet...!

.And finally the heart...
To complete the circle of love we must be sure about it! And we talk about it and we listing about...and now is the moment when we say:
"I love you!"
and here is the truth: the crocheted red heart appears from now where!

Another pictures:

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