Paper flowers, small cards and other handmade stuff

I really love the paper flowers, so I made a few model that I want to share with you.
The paper flowers may be glue on a gift package, or on a handmade greeting card with a few word message, may accompany various decorative figurines, or can be attached to any object according to your project or your imagination.

Sun Flower papers 

The flowers are handmade paper 160 g/m2. The diameter of the flower is about 7.5 cm.
To achieve a flower I punched twice with stapler paper type chrysanthemum flower, then I cut the petals in half, 
one by one. Then I crumpled a bit petals. 
Then I glued those two layers of petals and in the middle I applied two circles of different sizes colored in various
shades. finally, I sticked a thin paper of gold over the smaller circle.

Here a few pictures with those beautiful flowers:

Dalia flowers

The flowers are handmade paper 160 g/m2. The diameter of the flower is about 7 cm.

To achieve these flowers I cut 8 circles with the stapler paper circle type, representing eight petals. 
I bent it in a half each circle and then along the line I bent it twice. On the edge of each petal I glued glitter. 
I glued a circle in the middle with some glitter, too.

Here a few pictures with those beautiful flowers:

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