Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How to: design a crocheted lace for a pillow case! Part Three.

On the last part I will finished the project and all the details.

How to: design a crocheted lace for a pillow case! Part Two.

The final project will look like this. 
But how will go to the final project with our personal ideas or inspirations? 

How to: design a crocheted lace for a pillow case! Part One.

It's perfect to create it and crochet it for a unique handmade gift.

This tutorial "lace for a pillow case" will be expansive on 3 parts.

This is the easy and fast way.
The main designing will be drawn on crochet mesh material. Also you have to imagine the design for the border.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Dress&Bolero for little princess

This dress is so cute! It's perfect for any special occasion.
It's crochet with 100% acrylic, Baby Bravo yarn. I attached on it some little white flowers and small stems. The stems are crocheted with the same yarn used for the bolero.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Giveaway the crocheted little tote

I decided to giveaway my crocheted little tote.
The one posted on my etsy shop. I will make an update on it...another one will be available only at a custom order.
I will appreciate if the winner will let a review on my etsy shop after will receive the prize. 
Let's take a look on the pictures to the little tote that I will giveaway!

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Preparing for Valentine's Day or Dragobete - the perfect gift!

I'm preparing for Valentine's Day (14 February) and for Dragobete (24 February).
Dragobete is a traditional Romanian holiday of love, originating from Dacian times.

For both of them I crocheted some ideas of perfect gifts.

1. A red bag, a red crocheted tote, a perfect gift for those holidays . To make it I used yarn 100% of wool, silk material for yo-yo, a neutral button. 

A story crocheted for Valentine's Day and Dragobete

This is a crocheted circle of love, a perfect gift for Valentine's Day! This is a story!
Could be mine or yours. Could be a true one or not. Maybe it is suitable for you or maybe it is not. Maybe it inspire you. I do not care!

It's important that you think about it even for one second, one minute, one hour...after you read it.

Those beautiful pot holder really tell a love story! For sure!
Let's find out!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Crochet Stitch Pattern - flower with three petals

This model is composed by two rounds. First one, is worked with sc and dc and the other one, the floral motif, the 3 petals, separated by dc stitches.
The model has a lace texture and can be work linear or in circle, where you have to turn at the end of each row. It's suitable with thick or thin yarn.