Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How to: design a crocheted lace for a pillow case! Part One.

It's perfect to create it and crochet it for a unique handmade gift.

This tutorial "lace for a pillow case" will be expansive on 3 parts.

This is the easy and fast way.
The main designing will be drawn on crochet mesh material. Also you have to imagine the design for the border.

The Draft

First you have to think about the model.

I was thinking about some spiral lines because the crocheted lace will go to a pillow case that will belong to a little boy.

After you have an idea about the model, draw it on a paper or electronic sheet.

I draw this model on CorelDRAW. I know that is not exactly but this design was inspired me for crochet the pillow case.
Also, on the same program, CorelDRAW, I drawn the crocheted symbols. You don't need to draw all the symbols, just a few: sl st, sc cr, dc, tr...and use it with CTRL+D (duplicate) for create all other kind of stitches.

Both diagram patterns, the border and the main designed, are my own creations.

The border will be crochet on all lateral sides of the pillow case. And here is the diagram for the border:

Visit my next post "How to: design a crocheted lace for a pillow case! Part Two" and find the diagram for main design and more other useful tips.

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