Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Support my cause - "Mother & Daughter take the class" fundraising event!


   As you already may know, I'm involved in supporting the creative education cause. I am organizing crochet classes for a non-profit agency to start in August, 2014. 
Our targeted audience for these classes are for Mothers and Daughters. There is no charge to take the class.
The goal of a "Mothers and Daughters" Crochet class, is to help reconnect the bond between Mother and Daughter and encourage a positive and emotional connection.
In each class I will do some non-formal exercises that have the effect to achieve my goals. 

The classes will teach the Mother, Daughter teams how to crochet brooches and boxes to hold them. 
We're sure to do a lot of chatting and getting to know each other. There will be a lot of fun and creativity around the audience. 

The event will take place in a room at the Library. 
We need your help to make these classes happen. We are looking for donations of supplies to provide to the class. We are needing yarn, crochet hooks, needles, sewing, decorative beads and buttons for brooches.
If you'd like to donate a monetary amount, Any penny will help! 
Make a donation easy and safe via Paypal (is on the right side of this blog or on the right side of the non-profit agency site) 

We also are accepting free crochet patterns for crochet accessories to be used in the classes.
Generally, the pattern that I wish to teach are mine designed and will be available for free after the workshop.

Here is the website link for the nonprofit agency

Thank you!

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