Thursday, 3 July 2014

Motif crochet - square shape #3

...and another motif crochet. Free Pattern!

To make it you already have to know how to make a Lover Knot or Solomon Knot. There are a lot of well done video tutorial on the internet about how to make a Solomon Knot stitch.

Start  by crocheting a square from Solomon Knot stitch.
The dimension of the square depends on your need.

Then, do not cut the yarn. Continue to crochet a follow:

5 chs and 1 sc between the sc from Solomon Knots (repeat for all sides of the square; this is the first row)

(1 sc, 1 half dc, 1 dc, 1 tr, 1 dc, 1 half dc, 1 sc) in each 5-ch from all sides of the square.

Cut the yarn.
Fasten off.
Weave in ends.      


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