Friday, 15 May 2015

Clip crocheted

Crochet this lovely clip. It is easy and quick to do!
You will need a steel barrette, some yarn, a crochet hook and some assorted beads.

sl st = sleep stitch
sc = single crochet
ch = chain

First insert the beads into the yarn and ensure a knot thread at one side of the clip.
Then start to crochet around the top of the clip with slip stitches until the entire space is filled with stitches and the last slip stitch into the round space from the other side of the clip.

R1: crochet 1 sc between the sl st. Turn, 1 ch
R2: crochet 3 sc in each sc but be sure to crochet the beads from place to place.

Cut the yarn. Fasten off.

And its' done!

Please post in a comment a photo with your creation if this short tutorial was inspiring you.

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